The team of iCasting

proudly introduces The TLNT coin!

Changing the talent industry by creating a thriving and bustling community where talents & clients are fully in control of their own personal profile data and financial transactions.

Working towards our ICO in 2018.

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Stay up to date with our latest developments

iCasting & TLNT in
a nutshell

Our goal is to create a self-sustaining market, connecting talents with clients worldwide & without barriers, by incorporating the blockchain technology.

Our community: iCasting is the first platform in which the TLNT coin will be integrated. Since our launch in 2015, the iCasting platform has exponentially grown to over 140.000 registered talents, making it the biggest casting agency in the Netherlands. Combined with over 1500 clients, we’ve already created a thriving and bustling community of supply and demand. 

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Global Launch Late 2018